1800 Patterns show the way

March 2006

Well its started.

The massive assault on early South African coin prices (pre-1900) is now turning up a gear.

Since January this year we have seen an

Hern's latest (2006) book on South African Coins and Patterns valued the 1888 piece at US$10,000, the 1874 piece at US$1,200 and the Griqua pattern at US$1,300

While we play no particular weight on the erratic values given by Hern on rare coins the price fluctuations do reflect the difficulty in keeping tabs on the extraordinary explosion in coin values as more and more collectors embrace the Internet and discover eBay - causing prices on rarer pieces to soar.

It is clear that the trend from here will be up and those who bought now did well.

The images below show the three pattern coins auctioned on eBay:

January 2006


Description: Griquatown. Victoria Pattern Penny (1890), KM-Pn6, Prooflike but with blemishes. Linked here to eBay listing  
Scan of the auction results at this link

27 bidders

Sale Price US$7,100

March 2006


Description: South Africa (ZAR) Pattern penny (1874), UNC, but cleaned with streaks. Linked here to eBay listing  

7 bidders

Sale Price US$1,970

March 2006


Description: Nickel plated variety with an estimated mintage of only 20 pieces (1874), Prooflike but with blemishes. Linked here to eBay listing  

28 bidders

Sale Price US$4,200