The Cape Town Coin Collectors Society

In January 2017 a 12 page A5, very amateurishly written and produced staple bound booklet, was released "anonymously" by a Cape Town coin dealer, Pierre Henri Nortje (seen right), in the name of the "Cape Town Coin Collectors Society." Nortje is a known fraud who jumped onto the buying and selling of coins for a profit in the 2000s. Nortje has NO integrity.

Recognise the man on the right glorifying himself? This is a page out of the booklet and, yes, its Pierre Henri Nortje the author of this anonymously published rubbish.

If you Google the society's name (Cape Town Coin Collectors Society) it does not appear except for a link to this page. If the club in fact exists it should be very ashamed of itself to allow a publication like this to be printed in its name - a booklet which has one objective - to defame a well known and respected numismatist, Balson. That is not what societies do regardless of the personal agendas of their only member.

The many defamatory and false comments published by Nortje in this booklet include the extraordinary claim that "He (Balson) buys Google ad-on advertising at thousands of dollars to protect his name..." For the record Balson has never paid Google advertising one cent in his entire life. The booklet also, unsurprisingly, suggest Nortje was the hero and Balson the villain - a theme mirrored in Nortje's Facebook page that he authored anonymously before Facebook removed this grub's defamatory rubbish. . For more see the link below.

More on the Pierre Henri Nortje's frauds and lies at this link