Griqua from Griquatown

by Scott Balson

In October 2007 I travelled across South Africa to launch my latest book "Children of the Mist, the lost tribe of South Africa".

In the last few days of my trip while at Griquatown I came across three Griqua walking along the road from the nearby tigers eye fields. I impulsively stopped and asked them if I could take their photo in exchange for a monetary donation.

The young Griqua below was in the small group and a stunning study of the racial mix found in this unique tribe.

On my return to Australia I commissioned well known South African artist Karen Goddard to paint the photograph that had captivated me so much.

She captured the young man perfectly and I was delighted to write to Karen saying:

Hi Karen

I am just writing to thank you for the absolutely wonderful finished artwork which I am looking at titling "Griqua from Griquatown". It now hangs in a prominent position in my museum.

I was fortunate to come in during the creation of this masterpiece and was very impressed with your time-consuming methodology, meticulous eye for detail and your creative interpretation of the young man from the photo provided. You were able to soften the harshness of his life, reflected in his wild eyes, and returned an extraordinary sense of peace and innocence to his persona. A brilliant work of art!

Thank you once again - I am thrilled!

Now the Griqua from Griquatown hangs on the wall in my museum adding a special dimension to the fabulous collection that I have built up over many, many years.


Painting and original photograph

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