Von Lettow Vorbeck - his despairing post card

The post card signed by von Lettow-Vorbeck and with a message from the great German Commander (dd 1947)

It is extremely rare to find a card or collectable signed by the extraordinary von Lettow-Vorbeck. To get a card with a personal message (translated below) from the commander expressing his desperation so openly makes this piece extremely rare and collectable. Consider his resolve when facing insurmountable odds in East Africa - over 250,000 Allies - yet the state of his own child after the second World War when he was living in poverty left him desperate and without answers.

This piece was purchased by the Balson Holdings family Trust on Ebay for just US$100.

Vorbeck - signed

Vorbeck's note

Vorbeck's despairing note to Mr Kuppert reads:

19th September 1947

What a surprise, my wife screamed with delight! Me too. Your package was most welcome, due to the poor diet, here in Germany our daughter is lying in bed as we cannot provide her with the necessary nutritious food to strengthen her. That is why your package has been such a blessing.

With hearty greetings

Yours very truly

von Lettow-Vorbeck.

As you will see in the summary of Vorbeck's life below that, despite being a German War hero in World War I, he lived in poverty after World War II. His desperate position being alleviated by his foe in German East Africa - General Smuts who managed to get the German commander a small pension.

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