Large private collections of tokens from East Griqualand region:

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Scott Balson
Allyn Jacobs
Dr Theron
Milner Snell

Other collectors

Photo library of prominent South African numismatists

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Scott Balson:

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The Allyn Jacobs (S Africa) collection boasts the following rare tokens (see also this link):
Image right: Allyn Jacobs in the secure area housing his vast coin collection

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Dr G P Theron (S Africa) collection (see also this link)

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Milner Snell collection (see also this link) - pic below

Milner, who is closely associated with the Kokstad Museum and lives in Kokstad, is a prolific writer of well researched, high quality historical works covering a wide range of subjects in East Griqualand. His self-published limited edition books are set to become sought after collectables in the future.

The Balson Holdings Family Trust has inscribed copies of all Milner's books:

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Other collectors named below have substantial collections of token coins from East Griqualand and some unique pieces:

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Photo library of prominent numismatists

Allyn Jacobs in his safe

Scott Balson with
favourite artifact

Milner Snell in Kokstad

Rege Podraza -
United States of America

Michael Laidlaw -

Dr Paul Bayliss of the
ABSA Museum, Johannesburg

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