The Durban Bank £5 note - 1864
(Fuld) Rarity Scale
: R - 6

Hartley and Company - trading as the Durban Bank operated from 1862 to 1877 when it was liquidated.

Source: Money in South Africa by C L Engelbrecht

These extremely rare notes were issued between 1862 and 1877 by the Durban Bank (Hartley and Company) in Durban, Natal.

The bank subsequently closed its doors.

The Balson Holdings Family Trust purchased this note in Unc condition on eBay in February 2005 for just US$607.

The note was purchased as it preceded/was in circulation at the same time as the famous unissued een pond Griqua bank note was ordered (in 1867) by the Griqua Raad in Kokstad.

This could have been the trigger for the Griquas to attempt to introduce their own currency note. (The  rare Durban Club 6d - was the trigger for the Strachan and Co trade tokens).

Value in 2005: The Durban Bank £5 Bank Note is highly sought after - the note displayed is valued at over US$3,000. Rarely seen on auction.

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