OFS Postal Notes c1898

Four of the OFS Postal "Bank" Notes in the Balson Holdings Family Trust

Just before and during the Boer war the Orange Free State resorted to issuing postal orders to overcome the shortage of currency in their new territory.

At this time many innovative schemes were introduced to overcome the shortage of coin and bank notes throughout South Africa - the most famous being the trade tokens of Strachan and Company in East Griqualand.

Signed by Rev L Nuttall
(Pioneer of the Baptist Church)

Signed by Jacques Dusseau & Co
(A publishing Coy in Cape Town)

Pick S685

The stamps commonly found
on the reverse of the note

Value in 2005: About US$50 each - all notes above in the Balson Holdings Family Trust Collection.

Pres Burgers
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Pres Paul Kruger

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